How Do You Use Facebook's Relationship Status?

An investigation into how we actually use this basic function in 2015.

Most of us have been on Facebook for long enough now that we've gone through some sort of relationship status change (or many) at some point. Facebook even gives us options for those "it's complicated" situations, as well as civil unions and domestic partnerships (but seriously, what kind of douche actually uses "it's complicated"?).

Facebook knows that changes in your friends' relationship status is usually important, so it promotes those to the top of your News Feed. That's why it seems like you're always seeing people getting engaged on Facebook. It knows we think relationship changes are literally the most interesting part of the Facebook experience.

But do we really use the status the way Facebook intends? It showing your status cheesy? Is becoming "Facebook official" still an important step in a relationship? Are people doing ironic marriages to their friends?

This poll aims to get to the bottom of how in 2015 we're actually using the most classic and basic feature of a Facebook profile: your relationship status.

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