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Instagram Stopped Notifying People When You Screenshot A Story

Thank GOD, it was agony not knowing if someone was going to find out you've been lurking them.

Posted on June 14, 2018, at 4:08 p.m. ET

Let's go back to February 2018. It was a dark time.

A girl flushed her hamster down the toilet after an airline told her that she couldn't bring it on the plane.

We learned that Barbara Streisand cloned her dead dog and then wrote a New York Times article about it.



This happened. Like I said, February 2018... Bad times.

The darkest moment of all, however, was when we learned that Instagram was doing a test that would notify people when certain users screenshot their stories.

Instagram is now notifying users when somebody takes a screenshot of their stories..... ....well it's over for us bitches šŸ˜¶


Sometimes, someone posts an Instagram story where you just NEED to screenshot it and text it to your friend. This is human nature, people!

What was worst about this test was that no one knew who had the feature and who didn't ā€” all we knew was that Instagram was testing it with a small group of people. This meant that you had to live with the risk of getting narc'd on by Instagram the next time you screenshot someone's story. It was a lurker's nightmare!

I come bearing great news. Instagram told BuzzFeed News that it has officially ended this test, and NO ONE will get notified when you screenshot.


So go on and be a depraved lurker in peace, my beautiful friends.

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