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How To Say "Selfie" In Sign Language

Hopes and Fears asked a Deaf artist and 12 year old student to create ASL signs for internet slang.

Posted on February 23, 2015, at 6:17 p.m. ET


The Oxford English Dictionary adds new technology and trendy slang terms every year, acknowledging that it's a constantly evolving language. But what about American Sign Language? Mike Sheffield of the new culture site Hopes and Fears wanted to find out how internet slang is being adopted into ASL. He asked Douglas Ridloff, an ASL actor and educutor who runs ASL Slam to join one of his young Deaf students, Tully Stelzer, to sign some new internet slang terms.

Notice that Stelzer and Ridloff sign differently for these terms; that's because there isn't an official sign yet for these terms. "As a collective, we see various signs until one emerges as the agreed upon sign by a collaboration of the community," Ridloff explained to Hopes and Fears.

Check the site for more ASL slang videos.

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