Here's What Teens Think About Snapchat's Latest Feature Update

They haven't discovered "Discover" yet; they're just upset the top friends feature is gone. UPDATE: Due to popular demand, Snapchat will bring back top friends.

Most boys now theres no best friends on snapchat

Today Snapchat launched Discover, a new feature where editorial partners like CNN, Vice, and Comedy Central can broadcast clips along with what Snapchat describes as "gorgeous advertising" in a blog post. It's a big new direction for the app.

However, on Twitter, teens who use the app aren't talking about the new feature. Instead, they're working through a Gordian knot of emotions over the fact that today's update eliminated the "best friends" feature.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel tweeted this afternoon that they WILL bring back the "best friends" feature:

We'll bring back BFs soon. A few higher-profile friends wanted to keep their usernames private - we'll come up with a better way to do that.

Previously, Snapchat allowed users to see who they snapped with most, as well as the ability to see who everyone else's top friends were. Woe to anyone whose girlfriend or boyfriend noticed some interloper in the top spot. Now that the feature is gone, people are speculating that users will feel emboldened to disseminate their snaps all over town without reprisal from their partners. It's not martial teen law out there. Be safe, kids.

Don't believe me? Let's 21 Jump Street this sucker and drop in on what the hot buzz with the kids is:

You can't see best friends on snapchat anymore.. It's like an early Christmas present for all the cheaters out there #ohdear

These hoes must be happy af that snapchat don't have best friends no more 😂😂😂😩🙌

so mad that they have got rid of bestfriends of snapchat.. when im talking to a hot boy i want my friends to know

You can't see best friends on snapchat anymore this update is so ugly

Snapchat took away best friends so now I have to tweet about it

Lol if your honestly worried bc you can't view your bf/gf snapchat best friends why are you even in that relationship

When I heard there is no more top friends on snapchat

why t actual fk would snapchat take away best friends😠😡😤

congratulations thots, snapchat no longer has top friends!

I honestly hate snapchat I liked the simple way to stalk people and see their best friends 😂😂

Snapchat doesn't show best friends anymore. Bicthes gonna go crazy. 😂

The decision to get rid of snapchat best friends was definitely made by a guy😂

Wtf like snapchat is all of a sudden concerned with stopping us from stalking other people's best friends

They took away snapchat best friends because of people like this Lol

People are even using the grief over "best friends" to try to get retweets.


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