The Worst Graph Search On Facebook

Who works at Facebook and is trying to bone their buddies?

Bang With Friends is an app that connects to Facebook to tell you which of your friends might also be "down to bang". You sign into the app, check off which of your pals you'd be DTB, and you get a notification if they also picked you as well. What could possibly go wrong?

The downside, as recently discovered, is that because it's a Facebook app, you can use Graph Search to see which of your friends have the app enabled (it IS possible to hide this info in your profile, but most people don't). While you can't see who they're down to bang, you know they're using the app, which may be incriminating enough.

Using Facebook's new and improved graph search to narrow it down, we found a few amusing groups of Bang With Friends fans.

Oh, you naughty naughty people:

Uh oh

If you prefer it this way:

Or that way:

But certainly not with these people: