Why Eggplant Is The One Emoji Instagram Won't Let You Search


Instagram just announced that you can hashtag and search by emoji. Great! Cool! It turns out people have already been doing this, so there's photos for every emoji, even the super-boring ones.

But if you search for the eggplant (the universal emoji for penis)... NO TAGS FOUND.

Even when people are definitely using it! We tested it out and this won't come up in search:

Even the poop emoji, the gun, the syringe, and the pill all have results.

The gun has 4,865 posts, cigarette has 1,837. And yet this wholesome purple nightshade plant is FORBIDDEN!


BuzzFeed News has reached out to Instagram for comment.

Instagram confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the eggplant emoji is indeed blocked from search because it consistently is used for content that violates their community guidelines.

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