Everyone Is Noticing That Facebook Spaces Looks Familiar


Facebook just announced "Spaces," a VR experience.

Wearing VR goggles, you can meet up with friends and explore digital worlds with your avatar.

And people noticed Spaces looks...kinda familiar...

BREAKING: Facebook launches Second Life but with people you're trying to avoid #f82017

Facebook Spaces! Damn!!!! SecondLife all over again! Young uns may not know what SecondLife is :) #F82017

Facebook Spaces out for Oculus, so you can be with friends virtually. & because everyone's forgotten Second Life… https://t.co/VhBljNqPtt

Remember Second Life? The digital world where you could be your true self, like this guy?

You could interact with other people, which led to things like these weird "raves" in "clubs."

If you're gonna do Second Life, but 3D and your mom's there, I can't think of a better company than Facebook to make that dream a reality.

Second Life is dead, reborn as Facebook Spaces #F8

Some people also noticed it looks a lot like The Sims.

Facebook is rolling out a social VR featured, called "Spaces." Like the Sims, but it's your upper body hanging with… https://t.co/WYnbjz3G4M

The avatars also look like Bitmoji.

Anyway, not everyone is feeling it.

That facebook spaces demo just made me so deeply sad

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