Apple Adds Customized, Animated Emojis Of Your Face

Like the Animoji, but, you know, YOU.

It's Apple's WWDC conference today, where the company announces all sorts of new things for the iPhone that will launch soon.

These aren't live yet, but will be later this year.

Check out Apple's new Memoji. It's basically like Bitmoji mixed with the Animoji.

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You can customize the face and hair of the Memoji (so it looks just like YOU!), and it moves along with your face in real time.

You can use your Memoji over your actual face while taking a selfie. You can send your Memoji in an iMessage. You can even use the animated Memoji live on a FaceTime call.

Even Tim Cook made a Memoji, which he used to demonstrate the new group FaceTime.

There are also new Animojis, like a tiger, alien, and T. rex. And now, they can detect when you're sticking out your tongue! Which is important if you're trying to taunt someone as a cartoon unicorn.

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