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14 Cats Having A Bad Day But Not Because Of GamerGate

Wow, maybe learn to read, cats.

Posted on October 23, 2014, at 4:07 p.m. ET

1. This cat is too frustrated with the moving sunbeam to care about ethics in gaming journalism.

2. This cat is too concerned with getting soaked to care about female game developers facing harassment in the industry.

3. This fluffball is too busy dealing with trolls of her own to care about trolls on Twitter.

4. This cat is having a terrible, awful day, but totally just for cat reasons. Not because of perceived collusion among gaming journalists.

5. This cat is too busy discovering his own tail to care about whether SJWs are destroying gaming culture.

6. This cat is a little distracted by guarding his box from A FUCKING PIG to post on

7. Get this, this cat has literally never heard of Anita Sarkeesian. She's also having a terrible day, but because of totally different reasons.

8. This kitten is having a bad day, not because of an ongoing culture of misogyny, but because he fell off the bench.

9. Maru is upset about not fitting into his box, but he has no idea that gaming culture is being torn apart.

10. This kitten's day is in the shitter, and he hasn't even looked at his Twitter mentions after posting in the hashtag.

11. This cat REALLY does not want to go on a hike. Also, he doesn't even know about Zoe Quinn. Because he's a cat and can't read.

12. Nine lives is too still too few for this wobbly guy to know about GamerGate.

13. This tabby's day was ruined by her balloon popping, not because of GamerGaters doxxing and harassing her.

14. The reasons this cat is having a bad day are so patently clear that it would be a logical fallacy to argue any other explanation.

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