Democrats Don’t Have A Plan If Donald Trump Is Elected

“We can’t fathom it and therefore are not planning for it,” said Rep. Marc Veasey.

It’s clear that the GOP is preparing for the possibility of a Clinton presidency and several Republicans have already declared they plan to block Hillary Clinton’s picks for the Supreme Court should she win.

House Republicans believe there are “years” worth of material on Clinton to investigate and several other Republicans have already floated the possibility of impeachment.

But Democrats have made no such declarations in regards to a possible President Donald Trump. That’s because they find the idea of Trump actually winning so unimaginable, no one has given much thought to how they’d handle him winning the election.

“It’s never talked about in much depth or detail because the guy is such a joke. We can’t fathom it and therefore are not planning for it,” said Texas Rep. Marc Veasey.

“My personal opinion is that Hillary is going to win,” he said. “If Donald Trump wins it would be chaos. He can’t hold a thought for more than one or two minutes.”

Several senior Democrats laughed at BuzzFeed News when asked if they had any contingency plan for a Trump presidency.

“No one is sitting around planning for a President Trump,” said a senior Democratic Senate aide. “No one is meeting, no one is contemplating, no one is meditating about this.”

The aide said that Senate Democrats haven’t even planned too far down the road for a Clinton presidency because they were “focused on winning the Senate,” but that the working assumption was that Clinton would win the White House.

A senior Democratic aide in the House, confident of a Clinton win, said that there wouldn’t really be anything for Democrats to plan for in the case Trump wins because they disagree with everything he says.

“We don’t want to build a wall, we don’t want to give tax cuts to the wealthy, and these are long-held positions by Democrats,” the House aide said. “So no, we aren’t planning for what we will do because it is obvious we will oppose these things.”

Rep. Jim Himes, a Democrat from Connecticut, said he felt Clinton’s numbers were “quite encouraging” though he did let himself contemplate a Trump presidency about a month ago.

“While my initial reaction was that it would be a total disaster to have a man with with a fourth-grade knowledge of the Constitution running the country, Congress would be forced to have a watchful check and balance on this guy. In particular, we’d need to reclaim war-making authority and I suspect many Republicans would join us in doing that,” Himes said.

“The most immediate danger he would be irritated by a tweet and launch a war,” he added. “But this is not in the category of grand plans — this is just Jim Himes trying to find a silver lining in that particular cloud.”

Several Republicans who support Trump, like Marco Rubio of Florida, have pushed the “check and balance” line in their campaigns arguing that with either candidate, congress will need to push back.

“Donald and I do have some disagreements on foreign policy and things of this nature. At the end of the day, my obligations are to the Constitution and the state of Florida,” Rubio said Friday on the Mike Gallagher Show. “First and foremost I’m going to stand for those things no matter who’s president. If it’s a president of my own party and they get out of line or they nominate someone, let’s say, to the Supreme Court that doesn’t meet the standards I believe of a Supreme Court justice — even if it’s nominated by a Republican — I’m going to stand up to them on it."