This Portrait Series May Restore Your Faith In Politics

Or at least it might remind you step back and breathe and remember we're all humans here.

Photographer Maegan Gindi traveled to political rallies for Trump, Sanders, and Clinton during the primary season, taking portraits of the supporters who showed up. Her project, Shots at the Rally, makes visible the voters who are reshaping American politics. "Working backwards from the presidential hopefuls to the individuals who legitimize their campaigns," Gindi says, "these portraits reflect the conversation America is currently having with herself. Together, they question how a candidate — and reflexively, democracy — is comprised of the sum of its parts, and what it means to be the face of those parts."

Bernie Sanders Supporter #198, Bridget

Hillary Clinton Supporter #252, Alaina

Hillary Clinton Supporter #256, Nate

Donald Trump Supporter #423, Nick

Donald Trump Supporter #347, Michael

Hillary Clinton Supporter #492, Phillip

Bernie Sanders Supporter #190, Clement

Hillary Clinton Supporter #261 and #262, Gabrielle and Mthobisi

Bernie Sanders Supporter #239, Ray

Donald Trump Supporter #306, Kevin

Hillary Clinton Supporter #259, Sonoki

Hillary Clinton Supporter #467, Alex

Bernie Sanders Supporter #225, Sameeta

Donald Trump Supporter #342, Tapang

Donald Trump Supporter #418, Grace

Shots at the Rally will be on display at the Gulf + Western gallery in New York, Aug. 29 through Nov. 9, 2016.

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