This Is What The Halls Of Congress Look Like Right Now

A mob incited by President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday, looting and assaulting police. Several people died.

Andrew Harnik / AP

Rep. Andy Kim cleans up debris and personal belongings strewn across the floor of the Rotunda on Jan. 7, 2021.

Christal Hayes / Reuters

Litter is strewn about the crypt.

Jasper Colt / Reuters

Debris litters a hallway after Trump's mob swept through.

A "don't tread on me" flag is in a trashcan
Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
Olivier Douliery / Getty Images
Jasper Colt / USA Today via Reuters

Debris at a northern entrance to the US Capitol

Broken glass and litter on the ground in a hallway
Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Emergency medical equipment in a hallway

John Minchillo / AP

Shattered windows at the Capitol

Litter and gas mask wrappers are strewn on the floor
Andrew Harnik / AP

The chamber of the House

Fire extinguishers and a red flag with "treason" written on it lie in a hallway
Olivier Douliery / Getty Images
Bill Clark / Getty Images

Capitol workers remove damaged furniture on Jan. 7.

Blood is seen in a trail outside the Capitol

Blood stains in the aftermath of Trump's mob

A person stands in front of a door of the Capitol with broken windows.
Andrew Harnik / AP