23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of The Week

From the tragic explosion in Beirut to flooding and fires seen around the world, these are the most striking and memorable pictures from the past week.

A damaged grain silo towers over a smoky landscape flattened by the blast
People walk around debris and twisted metal with heavily damaged high-rises in the background
A man with a bandaged head and neck sits on a dining chair, alone on an empty street filled with rubble
A hospital room with two empty beds is seen covered in broken glass with blood splattered on the wall
A crowd of people in black wearing masks touch a coffin covered in the Lebanese flag
A crying woman wears a disposable blue mask pulled down to her chin
A shirtless man wearing jeans and a sombrero swings a pickax in a grave surrounded by wreaths of flowers
A small girl with her hands folded in front of her face holds colorful paper cranes standing along the waterline of a river where other children are gathered
Men in orange firefighting suits walk in a line carrying axes  along a rocky ridge with a yellow-orange sky caused by smoke
A man stands watching choppy muddy water come down the street
Bedsheets are draped over a second-story railing of a house surrounded by furniture moved outside to dry

An aerial shot of thousands of people walking down a boulevard surrounded by trees and toward the skyline of Berlin
Two lines of soldiers in green formal uniforms, with a line of brides in white standing in between them
The shadow of a giant Ferris wheel looms over beachgoers with uniformly distanced cabanas and tents
Two astronauts smile and give a thumbs-up as a man enters the capsule
Men in uniforms and face masks place their hands on the shells of three large sea turtles on the beach
An older man in a suit with a laurel crown smiles as another man in formal ermine hands him a graduation certificate
A full orange moon rises over the ruins of a colossal temple with gigantic columns

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