13 Good Dogs Who Went To The Polls Today

Because America needs more dog representation in this election.

1. This good dog who waited patiently even though the lines were cray

2. And this good dog who *may* attack if they see another election ad

3. This dog who just wants to make friends

4. And there's this good dog who forgot which district they're in

5. This good dog who will cross party lines for pats

6. This pup who thinks democracy is fashionable

7. This good dog who wanted a practice sesh first

I voted...did my civic doggie duty... #ivoted #Election2016 #cheekystaffy #dogsoftwitter

8. This good dog helped others get to the polls

.@ArlingtonVotes still wouldn't let me vote but at least I got this cool sticker for my #GuidingEyes jacket! 🐶… https://t.co/3eppashIpD

9. And this one, who is proud that they made it

If an adorable puppy can drag her butt to the polls, so can you. Vote today. Everyone. #iVoted #ImWithSneakers

10. This dog will wait all day if that's what it takes

Tfw you're worried you might witness the end of the American experiment but you're also a Very Good Dog.

11. This dog is actually tired of waiting, tbh, but we've come this far

12. This good dog is proud to do their civic duty

13. And this good dog is ready for the media circus to stop