This Woman Ate A Pork Bun In A Typhoon And Now Everyone Loves Her

A true hero.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal published an article about the typhoon currently in Asia, with an interesting choice for a lead photo.

Typhoon Megi, which left Taiwan for China today, has left four dead, 268 injured, and 3.16 million homes without power in Taiwan as of today, according to local media.

People in Taiwan were immediately taken with this woman, who is seen standing in the storm, holding a broken umbrella in one hand and a half-eaten pork bun in the other.

Chiang Ying-ying / AP

The photo was snapped by an Associated Press photographer and captioned: "A woman eats and struggles with her umbrella against powerful gusts of wind generated by typhoon Megi across the the island in Taipei, Taiwan, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016."

People are now completely obsessed with this woman, because, honestly, she was Doing It Right™.

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"What else are you supposed to do other than eat pork buns in a typhoon?"

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"Pork bun >>> all."

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"The sheer amount of determination."

And is just so damn relatable.

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"The umbrella you can have. But the pork bun? NO!"

Not to mention super smart??? Because who would want to lose a delicious pork bun to a typhoon?

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"It'd be blown away too if she didn't eat it. The pork bun is only safe in her stomach!"

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"Without the weight of the pork bun, she'd be blown away."

The discussion spread across Taiwanese media and on to discussion forum PTT, where this woman was basically hailed as a legend.

"Light of Taiwan."

"Fuck, her expression is classic."

"She's a true Taiwanese person through and through~"

But mostly, people were just wondering where they could buy the pork bun.

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"Where did she buy the pork bun from? I wanna eat it!"

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"Please tell us which shop she bought it from, I'm begging you."

No one knows who the woman is, and the only other photographic evidence of her is this gem, also from the AP.

Chiang Ying-ying / AP

Local Taiwanese media interviewed someone claiming to be a relative who said the woman's husband bought the pork bun for her from a local convenience store called FamilyMart.

Update: The woman has been identified as a 53-year-old, with the surname Dai, who runs a fruit stand at a market in Taipei. She told the Apple Daily that she was surprised her photo had gone viral. She said she felt "unlucky" because she did not want this photo to be her claim to fame. Then she added that she hoped the media would at least mention her fruit stand so she could get some better business out of being famous.



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