This Dad Who Writes A Poem For His Wife Every Valentine’s Day Is The Ultimate Relationship Goals

"Let's celebrate / That God is so good / and a dozen years later / I still love you so much it hurts."

This is JD and Sara Whitlock, a couple from Dayton, Ohio.

Every year, JD writes Sara a poem for Valentine's Day. This year, because it is their 20th anniversary, he decided to do something a little more special.

He took a line from every single poem that he had written since they were married in 1997 to form a new poem.

Their 18-year-old daughter, Katie Whitlock, captured the moment her mom read this year's poem. "We knew my dad was going to write a poem but he didn't tell us about what exactly," Katie told BuzzFeed News.

"She cries every year, but I think this year she was especially grateful for my dad since it's such a big anniversary," Katie said.

She said her parents will be celebrating Valentine's Day by going to dinner with a few friends.

The Whitlocks' story made people hella emotional.

@whitlock_katie "Grace finds goodness,in everything"

People are praising JD's incredibly sweet gesture.

Relationship goals.


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