People Can't Believe This College Student Calculated The Angle Of Her Dab

"I can't even add."

Anicca Harriot is a 20-year-old student at Regent University in Virginia.

During a break between her microbiology and physics classes on Friday, she went for a walk at a park near Lake James with her friends and took this photo.

Harriot told BuzzFeed News that as soon as she saw the photo, she immediately wondered what the angle of her dab was.

"I knew it obviously wasn't going to be the most 'accurate' measure, but I figured it'd be fun to do the math anyway," Harriot said.

She tweeted her calculation because her friends thought it was "pretty ridiculous and funny," but she did not expect it to go viral the way it did.

People praised her dabbing skills.

Others were jealous of her math skills.

A debate broke out.

And some people took it very seriously.

Even the math teachers were here for it.

But mostly, people were just really excited to see a real-world application of trigonometry.

And it even inspired someone to calculate the integral of her dab.

A+ everyone! 📐💯

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