This Cat Got Her Paws Stuck And Turned Into A Huge Meme

Poor kitty.

This is Milk, a 7-year-old cat from Japan.

Here she is with another cat, Mi.

This weekend, Milk got herself in a bit of a tangle when her paws got stuck on the cat tree and the bed.


"A cat who got her claws stuck on the cat tree and bed at the same time."

Milk's 19-year-old owner, Twitter user @aktfps, told BuzzFeed News that he was lying on the bed when Milk suddenly started meowing.

He turned over and was "so shocked" to see Milk in that pose that he immediately took a photo.

"I posted the photo thinking that I’d get around 10 retweets, but it turned out to be more than that," he said.

"That's Komuro (Tetsuya Komuro, a famous music producer) in his golden age."


"Secured the Olympic appearance."

The original tweet has since received more than 140,000 retweets, and people have turned Milk into a huge meme.

@dinoshas @aktfps @pewdiepie つい対抗しちゃいましたw

"I couldn't help but to compete."

@aktfps @analogobasan 猫ちゃん、まるで喜劇役者だね。いい役者になれるよ。😻

"This kitty is like a comedy star. She'll be a great actress."

Milk's owner said he laughed at all the memes and was very happy to see that Milk had brought laughter and happiness to others.

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