There Was Finally An Actual Pokémon Go Stampede And It’s Terrifying

Apparently it was because of a Snorlax.

Ever since it was introduced, Pokémon Go has led people to do some pretty crazy stuff. But this is next level.

Facebook: video.php

There was a massive stampede in Taiwan over the weekend when a rare Pokémon appeared in the capital, Taipei.

A video posted on Facebook shows what appears to be thousands of people running through an intersection to get to Beitou Park in Taipei.

Here's the stampede a little further up the road.

Facebook: video.php

And here it is from another angle.

Maggie Wang, who filmed the video, wrote on Facebook that the Pokémon everyone was chasing was a Snorlax.

Wang wrote that she also went to catch the Snorlax after she filmed the video as she couldn't resist.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Wang for more details.

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