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Here’s Why People Are Comparing The Length Of Their Feet With Their Arms

They're supposed to be the same length.

Posted on July 27, 2017, at 10:03 a.m. ET

People have been sharing photos of themselves putting their foot on their arm for a "challenge" that has gone viral on Weibo, China's biggest social network.


It all started after a Weibo user shared screenshots from the anime Case Closed, in which the main character — Detective Conan — says the length of one's foot is the same as the length of one's forearm.

"Thank you Conan, for expanding my knowledge."

People immediately tried it out.


"It's true."


"Umm...Am I an exception?"

And took to the comments to show their results.


"Ummmm...Maybe my arm is fake?"


"How do I save my giant feet? No wonder I could never win anything as a child, my arms aren't long enough."

Honestly, it's bizarre.


"Before I tried it out, I was thinking lmao there is no way that they are the same length, like come on, obviously my foot is shorter. But then I compared it and ??? WTF??? It's really the same length... I'm sorry Conan I was wrong..."

And doesn't confirm the theory in any way.


"My foot's longer than my arm..."


But everyone at least agreed that you definitely need to be flexible to be able to do this challenge.


"...Sorry but I'm not flexible enough to bend my leg up to put my foot on my arm..."

  1. So, is your foot the same length as your forearm?

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So, is your foot the same length as your forearm?
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