A Giant Moon Balloon Got Loose In China And Became A Huge Meme

Typhoon + Mid-Autumn Festival = Rolling moon balloon.

A giant inflatable moon has rolled across streets and over cars in Fuzhou, China after it was blown away by strong typhoon winds.

Huge moon balloon blown away in Fuzhou, E China, as #TyphoonMeranti approaches. Moonless #MidAutumnFestival?

China is currently bracing for the onset of super-typhoon Meranti, which is rated the strongest storm in the world so far this year.

The inflatable moon originally stood in front of a shopping mall in Fuzhou as part of an installation celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, which takes place Thursday.

But it was filmed today rolling across highways...

Over cars and people...

At various locations across the city.

The video was first shared on Chinese social network Weibo by a user who posts about happenings in Fuzhou City.

People pretty much lost it after that.

They quickly turned it into a meme.

There was also a lot of concern for the rabbits, which were later deflated by the workers.

Local media have since posted an update on the "rolling object".

"Based on our understanding, the rolling object in the video is a plastic balloon that was placed directly outside the front door of Powerlong Shopping Mall. At around 14:00, the wind blew the balloon away when workers were undoing the strings tying the balloon down to dismantle the installation in preparation for the onset of the typhoon. Powerlong workers and security took measures immediately. The balloon did not cause any injuries to pedestrians nor any traffic incidents so far."

The exact fate and whereabouts of the moon, however, remains unknown. 🌚🌚🌚

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