People Are Loving This 88-Year-Old Grandma's Incredibly Stylish Instagram

"I've just been doing what I've wanted to do all along."

Meet Moon Lin, an 88-year-old grandma from southern Taiwan and your newest Instagram style icon.

Lin first went viral in May when she asked someone on the street to take a photo of her for her Instagram. The person then shared the encounter in a popular Taiwanese private Facebook group.

Lin told BuzzFeed News that she created her Instagram account because it "makes her young."

She said that she has always liked fashion and dressing up.

And that she buys all her outfits herself.

Lin said she usually takes her own photos using a selfie stick, but sometimes asks people on the street to help her.

Her Instagram account has since gained more than 76,000 followers.

People really love her.

"The hippest grandma in history."

"My idol."

They wanted to know where to buy her clothes.

"PLEASE tell me where to buy your shorts."

Some have even drawn fan art of Lin.

Lin said that she hadn't expected so many people to like her photos. "I've just been doing what I've wanted to do all along," she said.

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