Everyone Is Really Upset About This Fake Story Of How No One Showed Up To This Dog's Birthday

Don't worry, though. This story has a happy ending. Sort of.

A tweet showing a dog looking sad after no other dogs turned up to his party has made a lot of people really fucking emotional this week.

They were reduced to tears.

They were more than ready to send gifts.

And to fight the dog owners whose dogs didn't show up.

The response was so overwhelming that Doug's owner, Twitter user @NasMaraj, decided to throw her another party and invite everyone.

ok I'm throwing her another party, we're in Atlanta I will share the address soon, can you guys help me pick a date.

There's just one tiny problem: There is no Doug, and hence no party, no dog owners, no dog friends.

The person behind the @NasMaraj account, 17-year-old Nasiir Williams from Atlanta, told BuzzFeed News that he tweeted it when he "was really bored one day," adding that he didn't expect it would go this far.

Twitter: @NasMaraj

He said he was inspired by the the story of Paw Paw, as well as the sad pit bull on Halloween, and that he found the images for his tweet on Google.

He added that he doesn't have a dog because his parents won't let him, but wish he had one.

But how are we going to tell these dogs? 😭😭😭

"I don't know how long I can keep it up before people find my address and forcefully send gifts," Williams said. "I feel kinda bad."