This New Zealand Artist's Cartoon Is Being Shared In Response To The Christchurch Terrorist Attacks

"This is your home and you should have been safe here."

Following the terrorist attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, an illustration by a New Zealand artist has been shared widely online.

The piece is by Ruby Jones, a 25-year-old living in Wellington who told BuzzFeed News she wanted to capture how her country was feeling in the aftermath of the tragedy, in which 50 people died.

The drawing ended up going viral, being shared by thousands of people online, including Thor: Ragnorak director, Taika Waititi, who is from New Zealand.

The drawing also made its way to Twitter.

sending so so much love. this should never have happened 💔 #TheyAreUs Credit to rubyalicerose (Instagram)

@rubyalicerose Thank you. I saw this as an RT, I am Muslim (in UK) and while I don't go to the mosque as I'm not well enough, what's happened is horrendous. It's so awful, especially when Friday prayers are the most important in the week. Sending my love and prayers to your community.

People were moved by the simple drawing.

I literally keep crying my heart is so weak I can’t take this

I am sorry. It hurts. I love you all too.


My heart is with all of humanity.

The drawing has also been printed out.

And redrawn to be placed at vigils.

Jones said she has since received messages from people all around the world.

"It's quite overwhelming," she said. "But at times like these, simple images and words often connect with people the most."

"So many messages have made me cry, from people all around the world just saying it's exactly how they're feeling, and that seeing themselves in the image means a lot," Jones added.


During a press conference Sunday morning local time, New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush told reporters that another victim had been located, bringing the total to 50 deaths.

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