Whose HBO Go Account Do You Use?

A quick office poll. Seems like HBO might have a problem here!

In response to an email sent around the office. The question: "Whose HBO Go account do you use?" The answers:

1. "My dad's"

2. "Roommate's"

3. "Roommate's parents."

4. "My sister's."

5. "Brother in law's (he is 21)"

6. "My best friend's aunt. I've never met her."

7. "[Coworker's] brother's. seriously."

8. "Girlfriend's mom's on my computer, roommate's mom's on my tv."

9. "I use my boyfriend's friend's account."

10. "Sister's"

11. "I use my own, I'm a grown-ass man."

12. "N/A, just downloaded episodes of Girls from uploaded and rapidgator

accounts on Monday mornings."

13. "My OWN!"

14. "Boyfriend's roommate."

15. "Friend's (but her parents pay for it)"

16. "Girlfriend's parents'"

17. "Mom's"

18. "College roommate's boyfriend's dad. (he knows)"

19. "I use my friend's account, which was at first given to me unbeknownst to him by another friend. Once it got to the point where there were always so many people logged on that you couldn't watch anything, and he CHANGED THE PASSWORD, which was horrifying, at which point I emailed him and pretended to have just *heard* somewhere that he had an account not like I'd been using it or anything and could I maybe borrow his password and he said sure okay and I've been free and clear ever since."

20. "Roommate's login, but we all pay for the HBO account!"

21. "I use my friend's girlfriend's dad's account."

22. "Ex-girlfriend's uncle. He died last year (old age, I think). Watching Game Of Thrones on a dead guy's HBO Go Account. It just feels right."

23. "My nana and pop pops"

24. "Was using my sister's husband's account, now watch on some sketchy site called like tv-links.eu or something."

25. "My parents', they didn't know it was a thing that existed until I asked them for the password when I moved to New York."

26. "My friend ryan's parents' account. TANGENTIAL"

27. "My roommate's boyfriend's."

28. "I use my own HBO login. BUT I also have given out my login to my friends so they can use it :)"

29. "My mom, sister, and I share a "family account." My roommate's group of college friends all use the same Netflix and HBOgo account. etc. etc. etc. SO MUCH FREE CONTENT."

30. "I use a friend of mine's that makes a lot more money than me."

31. "I use my friend's"

32. "Both me and my girlfriend use my parents account (we live in 2 different



This makes for a funny joke, sure:

And HBO is allowing this to happen — Netflix, for example, prevents multiple users from streaming at the same time. So, to that extent, it's part of the plan.

It also seems like a pretty serious problem: while our office is fairly young and not representative of HBO's broader customer base, it is representative of a rising generation of people who 1) like watching HBO shows and 2) cannot fathom paying for them. (The small handful of respondents who do pay for for HBO are — sorry, guys — older than average.)

Anyway, post your answers in the comments.

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