"Veronica Mars" Is Already The Biggest Film In Kickstarter History

After just four hours, the film reboot of the cult show is the biggest video project in the site's history. And it's on track to break first-day records across all project.

Up until today, Kickstarter's most successful film project was season two of 'Video Game High School,' which took a month to reach $808,341:

After just over four hours, the 'Veronica Mars' project has already passed that:

It's also going to hit a million dollars faster than *any* project before. Ouya took over eight hours:

'Veronica Mars' is already the fastest-growing Kickstarter in history. With a month to go, it could easily become the largest, too:

Update: The Kickstarter met its goal well within 24 hours. And it's still going strong.