How Google Street-Viewed The Grand Canyon


Google sent a team of camera-lugging hikers to the Grand Canyon to take panoramic Street View imagery:

They looked pretty pumped

The Street View backpacks are called "Trekkers"

Google says "the narrow ridges and steep, exposed trails of the Grand Canyon provide the perfect terrain for our newest camera system," which, I don't know.

Perfect for getting caught on a rock and sending you down a deep ravine, splattering you and everything you have ever been or known onto an ancient boulder?

Perfect for tipping you over as you traverse a narrow ledge?

Perfect for pulling you under the icy water of the Colorado, a river so unpredictable that is has its very own rapids ratings scale?

Perfect for causing you to overestimate your hiking range for the day, leaving you stranded to die of exposure just a few miles from civilization? I mean sure?

Anyway, Google is sending these guys all over the place. Say hi if you see one.

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