A Boy Vomited In A Bookstore And Then Sent The Staff The Best Apology Letter

He addressed it "Attention Barf Cleaners" and even threw in a Ben & Jerry's gift card.

One afternoon in late March, a boy named Jack visited Powell's On Hawthorne, part of a well-known independent bookstore chain in Portland, Oregon. And he puked there. A lot.

But that's not where things ended. On April 1, Powell's received a handwritten thank you note from Jack. The envelope read, "Attention Barf Cleaners," just in case there was any confusion as to who it was for.

My friend Jen manages the @Powells Home/Garden store & she got this in the mail today!!! "Attention Barf Cleaners"...

He even included a Ben & Jerry's gift card.

"I don't know their names but I thank them alot [sic] and I'm sorry again for throwing up," Jack wrote. "And I hope you enjoy your ice cream."

In 16 years at Powell's, Wicka said she's rarely had to clean up puke. Never once has she gotten a note like Jack's.

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