The Winner Of The Westminster Dog Show Was This Thing

"I for one am delighted that such a handsome footstool has achieved such greatness."

The Westminster Dog Show was held Sunday night, and Wasabi — who is apparently a Pekingese, but whom you'd be forgiven for mistaking for the thing you pull out of your vacuum when emptying it — was crowned Best in Show.

Obviously. Just look at him.

this is wasabi. he just won the westminster dog show. I don’t know anything else about him but I need as many people as possible to see this goddamn dog

Twitter: @angryvirgoo

People are very happy for the winner, which is allegedly a dog.

Wasabi the pekingese was the winner of Best in Show at Westminster. He was also winner of Best Reluctant Dustmop.

Twitter: @ReneeAlida

Imagine being a proud, regal wolf back in Siberia like 23,000 years ago when people began to domesticate dogs and seeing that...this would be your descendant

Twitter: @brianklaas

So regal. So poised.

congrats to wasabi, the pekingese who just won best in show at the Westminster Dog Show. I immensely enjoyed your waddle

Twitter: @thisismhw

Congratulations to wasabi, best in show at westminster...though unclear it’s actually a dog.

Twitter: @ianbremmer

Drop the haircare routine, king.

A blonde wig someone found in a WalMart parking lot won the Westminster Dog Show

Twitter: @Bob_Janke

Pandemic hair for the win.

Twitter: @ConnieSchultz

Just an all-around flawless creature. No notes.

Please sign my petition to make Wasabi my sidekick and Wasabi will get into all kinda messes and I'll say "Wasabi, what am I gonna do with you?" and I'll shake my head and Wasabi will roll over for belly rubs and I won't be able to stay mad and also we'll solve crimes and whatnot

Twitter: @MrGeorgeWallace

It's really funny that the way this works is some old guys look at this dog and feel him a little bit and go "a magnificent animal, one of the finest specimens I've ever seen" without a hint of irony or even humor at all

Twitter: @depechejoe

Of course, Wasabi was up against some stiff competition, including these two things that are also apparently dogs (?).

I believe this is a crocheted paper towel holder if I am not mistaken

Twitter: @jilltwiss

Watched a couple minutes of the Westminster dog show and all I could see was my grandmother’s decorative tissue box

Twitter: @DaneAndersonVO

Congrats to Wasabi, and congrats to all the alleged dogs. You're all winners in my book.

congratulations to this little freak

Twitter: @Srirachachau

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