There Was An Earthquake On The East Coast And People Were Literally Shook

2017 ain't over yet.

So, an earthquake hit the East Coast Thursday evening.

Holy s*** anyone else feel that earthquake?

According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake was a magnitude 4.1 with an epicenter near Dover, Delaware.

A spokesperson for the Dover Police Department told BuzzFeed News there were no reports of damage or injuries. However, the quake was felt throughout the New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC, areas.

People were (I'm so sorry, please let me have this) SHOOK.


Anyone just feel an earthquake in South Jersey???

We just had an earthquake in MARYLAND. WOW

It was...pretty minor though.

thought i might have felt the earthquake but it was probably just the kid next to me bouncing his leg

felt the earthquake and my cat and i just looked at each other and i was like idk man. aliens.

And a lot of people straight-up missed it.

lmfao what earthquake? I ain’t feel shit

How y’all gonna have an earthquake and not invite me

Though that didn't stop people from being utterly extra.

11/30/2017Just survived the second Maryland earthquake of my life

A moment of silence for the destruction of the November 30th earthquake in the Philadelphia area #earthquake…

Devastating photo of damage caused by the #earthquake

Just look at the devastation the #earthquake caused here in Wilmington. Thoughts and prayers with all affected

Of course, people are trying their darndest to get their earthquake's worth.

that earthquake is a good reminder that you could die at any minute... so if you have a crush on me you better tell me now

Tryna figure out how i can work this earthquake to my advantage

2017 ain't over yet, folks.

I didn’t feel the earthquake but that’s not surprising since I can no longer feel anything at all.

If we're lucky, that earthquake was the Four Horsemen rumbling by and this bullshit will be over soon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

it took me a few minutes to say anything about the earthquake because i fully accepted that I had lost my grip on r…

all these earthquake jokes, it's like a mirthqua--[swallowed by a gaping hole in the Earth's crust]

Happy Earthquake Day, everyone!

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