The Obamas Look Like They're Really Enjoying That Post-Presidency Vacation

He's got the backward hat on and everything.

While President Donald Trump was busy suspending the US refugee program and firing the acting attorney general, former President Barack Obama was spotted kicking back in the British Virgin Islands.

Post-presidency Obama (and Richard Branson)

According to TMZ, Barack and Michelle were seen Tuesday with billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson.

He's gone full Vacation Obama, backward hat and all.

Obama's on vacation with the hat backwards. He's never coming back.

Just check out those shades and flip-flops.

Obama really in the BVI in flip flops just chillin

Vacation Michelle is doing her thing, too.

Michelle's shorts are SHORT and she didn't even do a fake wave. She's never taking America's calls again.

People are happy to see the former president taking a well-deserved vacation.

Go ahead, playa. You earned that.

I want to make a joke, but frankly the guy deserves everything in this picture. Thanks for everything, O.

"Allow me to re-introduce myself..."

Uncle Barry stuntin on em 👏🏾👌🏾😂

But they also want him to hurry up and come home ASAP.

I am sincerely happy for him but like also 🎶baby come back🎶

Obama got his hat to the back like it's 1990 and trump isn't president. GET YO ASS BACK HERE... with respect, sir.

*Obama comes back from vacation* Him: "Hey guys! I really needed that 3-week break. Y'all good?" Us:

Obama better come back from vacation with three dragons.


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