People Are Straight Up Inspired By This 6-Year-Old's Confidence In Herself

You tell 'em, Kween Khloe.

This is Kyle Dinsmore, an 18-year-old from Sacramento, California, and his 6-year-old sister Khloe.

"Khloe, what is on your face?" Dinsmore asked his sister.

I hope everyone can have the same confidence in themselves as my 6 year old sister 😂😭

She had quite an answer: "Um, beauty."

Khloe has been declared an icon of our time.


She slay

I know that's right child. Let them know!!

And everyone is striving to be as confident as Khloe.

I aspire to have this level of self confidence 😂😭

Chloe is my new role model

when a 6 year old has more confidence than you... don't let the world corrupt her; protect her, she's powerful.

Though Khloe's snappy response left Kyle and their mom cracking up, they weren't all that surprised by it.

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