Try Not To Smile While Watching How Psyched This Kid Is For The First Day Of School


This week's happiest thing on the internet has been found, and it's this kid who is SO PSYCHED for the first day of fourth grade.

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The boy, named Kevin, told Fox 7 Austin he was so excited to go back to school and learn his favorite subjects, math and science.

“Math is fun because I want to be a creator, like inventing stuff, and I need to learn a lot of math to do it,” he said.

Kevin wasn't just psyched for fourth grade. He was psyched for the FUTURE.

When asked whether he was looking forward to seeing his friends, Kevin said he'd "just made one friend" at his old school, but he's got high hopes for this new school.

Millions of people have watched Kevin's interview, and coincidentally, millions of hearts have been melted into one giant collective heart puddle.

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