This Baby Born With An Adult-Sized Tongue Can Finally Smile After Surgery

"The surgeon was like, 'This is the largest tongue I’ve ever seen.'"

Paisley Morrison-Johnson, a 16-month-old born in South Dakota with an adult-sized tongue, is "doing phenomenally" after receiving a life-changing tongue reduction surgery, her mom says.

The baby's oversized tongue was a result of Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, a genetic condition that can cause abnormal growth of specific parts of the body. The rare condition affects about 1 in 13,700 newborns worldwide.

Paisley's mom, Madison Kienow, told BuzzFeed News she was unaware of her daughter's condition until she had an emergency C-section two months early.

"During my C-section, they got her out and noticed that her tongue was huge," Kienow said.

At a doctor's recommendation, Paisley received her first tongue reduction surgery at 6 months old and a second one at 13 months.

And the surgery had another sweet effect: Paisley can now smile, which Kienow called "the best feeling."

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