People In Antarctica Are Holding Their Own Women's March

Making it a grand total of seven continents holding Women's Marches.

At least 30 people will participate in the Women's March today all the way in Antarctica, surrounded by penguins.

Pre-march photo! #womensMarchAntarctica ❤️🐧

Linda Zynas, a 42-year-old from California, told The Independent she planned the Antarctica March out of concerns for the environment during Trump's presidency.

“I set it up because I wanted to participate in the Women’s March,” she said. “I spent a month after the election mourning the impending damage to the earth that will be done. I felt like I needed to do something to be part of the global movement.”

It will take place in Paradise Bay, an area of Antarctica known for its gentoo penguin population.

The "international group of eco-minded visitors" will carry signs saying "Penguins for Peace," "Seals for Science," "Cormorants for Climate," and "Love from seven continents."

BREAKING: Antarctica announces #womensmarch, expanding the movement to 7 continents! #womensmarchglobal…

The participants "range in age from 24 to 87, male and female, from over six countries," Zynas said.

In order to limit environmental impact, "the actual marching will be short as we have to limit our footprint on land," she said.

People are pretty freaking amazed by the Antarctica marchers.

Omg even Antarctica is Fed. Up. ✊🏽⚔️

ok this is lit

Especially the fact that Women's Marches are now taking place on every continent.

Every continent. ✊🏽

Nasty women are everywhere

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