Melissa McCarthy As Sean Spicer Rode A Motorized Podium Through New York City

This weekend's SNL is gonna be lit.

Melissa McCarthy was seen taping for Saturday Night Live in Midtown Manhattan on Friday, cruising down the street on a motorized White House podium dressed as Sean Spicer.

The things you see in New York City. Melissa McCarthy riding Sean Spicer's podium through Midtown #SNL

Yes, that's right — Spicey is BACK.

When @melissamccarthy films an SNL skit in front of your office.

Dressed up as the White House press secretary, McCarthy rode through rush hour traffic, down 58th Street and outside the CNN building.

Take two. Melissa McCarthy sliding through the streets of New York in full #SNL Sean Spicer character

.@melissamccarthy as @seanspicer cruising down 58th St. #SNL

Of course, a few jokes just had to be made.

There is a one-in-ten chance this is actually @PressSec Sean Spicer, fleeing.

Have to imagine Spicey will end up back in the shrubbery tomorrow night.

that would be "amidst Midtown traffic"

The sighting comes two days after SNL released a teaser for this weekend's show featuring McCarthy dancing around the studio and lip-syncing "I Feel Pretty" as she got made over as Spicer.

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Needless to say, people are very excited to tune in to SNL this weekend.

This may be the most watched SNL ever.

Melissa McCarthy is a legend

This SNL is going to be incredible

See you Saturday night, Spicey.

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