The Weather Channel Did Not Mess Around About Climate Change Before Trump's Announcement

Today's forecast calls for shade.

On Thursday, as President Trump prepared to announce that the US would pull out of the Paris climate agreement, the Weather Channel pulled no punches defending the very real threat of climate change.

People applauded the company's strong stance. be trollin' hard

Y'all, is SAVAGE

They were seriously impressed by its commitment to sharing the scientific facts about climate change.

This is absolutely legit what they have on their site. Savage... but incredibly real. He's now risked dooming healt…

I thought this was photoshopped. it's not. weather channel dgaf about anything but the Earth right now.

This is how everyone should be covering this

"Meteorologists cannot stay silent on this despite other concerns," one meteorologist tweeted. "We're knowledgable. Need to speak up."

I applaud @weatherchannel for this. Meteorologists cannot stay silent on this despite other concerns. We're knowled…

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