People Are Stressed That Skinny Eyebrows Might Make A Comeback, Because Rihanna Said So

"I deleted Snapchat for Rihanna but I'm not doing skinny eyebrows again."

Behold: Rihanna's on the cover of British Vogue's September issue, covered in flowers, her lips dark and glossy, and...she has SKINNY EYEBROWS. 🚨😱👀

People were stunned.

What is Rihanna doing? She about to bring back these eyebrows 😭🙆🏾‍♂️


If Rihanna makes those eyebrows a trend then I give up on y’all

Does this mean skinny eyebrows are set to make a comeback?

I love me some Rihanna but I'm worried these brows are gonna start trending again! 😢

Nothing but respect for my Bad Gal RiRi, but we can't just let this happen.

Rihanna I respect you to the end but I’m never having thin eyebrows again.

I'm the biggest Stan ya Rihanna but sorry we ain't going back to those 80's eyebrows 🙅🙅🙅

Too many of us spent so long working on our thick brows.

I’ve spent years learning how to draw my damn eyebrows then Rihanna goes and does that! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Some thought the trend didn't stand a chance.

Before you sleep tonight neither one of us is Rihanna... Keep your eyebrows it's not that deep.

i deleted snapchat for @rihanna but i'm not doing skinny eyebrows again.

Still, some people got on board.

Honestly thin eyebrows seems like the most decadent court-of-Louis-XIV shit to me. I will face Rihanna and walk backwards into hell

should i shave off my eyebrows and draw them on like rihanna on the vogue cover, even though the impact will be nothing like rihanna on the vogue cover

This is how it starts!!!

and just like that, skinny brows are back

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