Prince George Got Shushed By His Cousin At The Queen's Birthday Celebration And It's Too Funny

"Royal or not, cousins are cousins."

Britain's royal family gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Saturday for Trooping the Colour, an annual ceremony celebrating the Queen's birthday.

Of course, some of the youngest royals in attendance completely stole the show.

At one point, Prince George got shushed by his older cousin, Savannah Phillips, who covered his mouth with her hand to stop his chattering.

Sure, your little cousin will be king one day and you're a lowly 15th in line to the throne, but for now you're the boss.

People with cousins are relating hard to the moment.

Who doesn’t have a bossy older cousin?! #LoveThis

Pretty much how I treated my boy cousins growing up.

Royal or not, cousins are cousins

And obviously, it's getting memed.

When ur friends are gossiping and people are looking at you

muting someone on twitter

Trying to climb up the ladder of succession like

Fingers crossed that they play this GIF at George's future coronation.