This Viral Pregnancy Hoax Has Everyone On The Edge Of Their Seats

There's so much to unpack here.

Twitter got a little extra messy on Tuesday due to the baby mama drama of the century.


Buckle up, fam, because this one involves infidelity, a hoax ultrasound/pregnancy, and a dude on Twitter losing "the only woman that ever had my back."

It all started with an ultrasound.

@LING_LING156 / Via Twitter: @LING_LING156

Shantasia Phillips, 18, tweeted an ultrasound to Kyle Harris, 25, who's behind the popular Twitter account @kylegotjokes.

She claimed that he had blocked her number...and that she was pregnant with his baby.

Harris refuted her claims, saying they'd used a condom. Phillips denied that.

@LING_LING156 / Via Twitter: @LING_LING156

More specifically, she claimed that "everybody know you go in raw cheap ass."

Then, Harris attempted to deny fatherhood with a screenshot of their texts, and suggested his friend was the one who had impregnated her. Oh yeah, and apparently KYLE HAD A GIRLFRIEND.

@kylegotjokes / Via Twitter: @kylegotjokes


Harris told BuzzFeed News that Phillips — who he referred to as "one of [his] side chicks" — "used to mess with my friend, and then she started messing with me."

"So I told her, how can you put the baby on me when you used to mess with him?" he said. "If she's pregnant, it’s his."

It was then that Harris decided to get this aforementioned girlfriend, Brená, involved...

@kylegotjokes / Via Twitter: @kylegotjokes

...and it was a bad decision.

@iambrenaj / Via Twitter: @iambrenaj

Like, a really bad decision.

@iambrenaj / Via Twitter: @iambrenaj

Harris said Brená broke up with him because of the ultrasound, and also blocked his number.

@kylegotjokes / Via Twitter: @kylegotjokes

"She’d been hearing the girl’s name before, but today was the final straw," Harris said.

At this point, people on Twitter were on the edge of their seats.

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And tons of dudes volunteered as tribute/daddy.

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But something seemed a bit fishy. That's when the whole saga started to unravel.

Someone reverse-image-searched the ultrasound and found a curiously similar one posted on a pregnancy blog in 2011.

@Glen_Legend / Via Twitter: @Glen_Legend

And even curiouser, a quick search for "ultrasound app" on the app store brings you to this app, with the exact same ultrasound.


The app enables anyone to easily add the mother's name and a date for the ultrasound.

Here is Shantasia’s ultrasound compared to the one I made with the free app.

Ultrasound Prank Free
Ultrasound Prank Free
Ultrasound Prank Free

When BuzzFeed News asked her whether she was actually pregnant, Phillips initially thought she was speaking to someone working for Harris, and said she indeed was. She even went into detail about how many months along she was and future plans for a paternity test.

However, once she understood that this was actually for a story on BuzzFeed, Phillips immediately confirmed that the ultrasound is fake, she is not pregnant, and she just did this to "break up his relationship with his current girlfriend, which happened, so I guess it worked."

Shantasia Phillips

She broke out laughing when told Harris had called her his side chick, saying they'd gone on dates and hung out almost every day.

"I guess [Brená] was the side chick at first," Phillips said.

Phillips said she's "happy to not be pregnant by him" and plans to keep this ruse going until Harris figures it out.

@shantasiap / Via

"Boys lie all the time," she said. "He shouldn't have crossed me."