We Finally Know What Joe Biden's Favorite Obama–Biden Meme Is


By now, you're probably familiar with those Obama–Biden memes.

Obama: Wave at the people, Joe. Biden: IMMA POINT AT'EM Obama: Please just wave. Biden:

You know, the ones that imagined what the former besties-in-chief (aka BROTUS) were like behind closed doors.

Biden: I found a cool new apartment for us downtown Obama: Joe...Michelle and I are- Michelle: [covers obama's mouth] are so excited!

They were true meme classics of their time.

Obama: "Joe you can't tell Pence that your best advice for him is 'Get fucked, Hoosier.' " Biden: "But that motherf… https://t.co/Qz1QwHiU0o

Well pals, today I bring you 🚨 BREAKING MEME NEWS🚨. Former vice president Joe Biden knows about our memes — and he's got a favorite.

Are you ready?

Now presenting...Biden's favorite Biden meme:

"See? Doesn't this feel right?" "Joe I'm not leaving my wife for you." "You said we'd be together forev-" "8 years.… https://t.co/PkDJxxipdb

Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley Biden, shared the important insight into her dad's favorite meme in an interview with Moneyish.

When she told him about the memes he "sat there for an hour and laughed," she said.

Truly a historic day for meme lovers everywhere.

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