No, Tim Kaine Isn't Actually In An Open Marriage

This election just keeps getting weirder.

Leading up to Tuesday night's vice presidential debate, a ~shocking new scandal~ is rocking Twitter. A lot of people think Tim Kaine is in an open marriage, due to a screenshot of a tweet that's been making the rounds.

Spoiler alert: The tweet is fake.

A quick search shows that Kaine has no tweets posted that day.

According to Snopes, the image was first shared on Aug. 6 by Twitter user @RealScottErnst, who has shared it at least six times since.

It gained serious traction when it was posted on Prntly on Aug. 8, a site the Washington Post has described as a "pro-Trump fake news website" with "no editorial process."

Not to mention, the exact words from the fake tweet first appeared in a July 2015 New York Magazine article titled "What Open Marriage Taught One Man About Feminism."

(Which was not written by Tim Kaine.)

In conclusion:
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