A Two-Second Video Of A 5-Year-Old Boy Saying “NO” Has Turned Into The Funniest New Meme

"Hey Mom, can I..."

This is Naja Lynn Williams, a 17-year-old from Houston, and her 5-year-old brother, Dellivon Markel Frazier Jr.

And Dellivon delivered.

On Sunday, after rewatching the video with her friend Maria Fernanda, Maria posted the two-second video on Twitter.

And now, it's turned into a huge meme.

"Hey mom can i...." https://t.co/23HoJuFYqb

"My homeboy tryna talk to you " https://t.co/1STKxFN4Lf

It's just so versatile.

me: my skin is looking so nice and clear. can it please stay like this forever? my skin: https://t.co/hZTfZfZYM3

“can i have a fry?” https://t.co/Mb1xatCo2S

when he asks you if you're mad knowing damn well you're mad https://t.co/4umCSJuYBq

It's the "NO" heard 'round the world.

"hangout with me so you can do my makeup!!!!" https://t.co/DVwnyBdinq

mom: u need to start going out more u never leave the house me: mom can i go to- mom: https://t.co/9svgiIqcUo

Naja said Dellivon has a big, goofy personality and "is always like that."

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