This Teen Went To His Best Friend's House At 2 A.M. Just To Give Her A Hug

"Get you a friend like this."

Nicole Aramboles and Jeffrey Walsh, 16, are best friends living in Clifton, New Jersey.

They met as high school freshmen, when they both opted out of a non-required standardized test and had to spend the day in the school gym.

Nicole had just moved and was new to the school. Though she had mutual friends with Jeffrey, she didn't know him well — that is, until she fell asleep in the middle of the gym, in Jeffrey's lap, for about an hour.

"I was so tired that day," Nicole said. "And he was OK with it, I don't know how! I literally met the kid that same day, and I fell asleep in his lap."

Nicole said she felt "so embarrassed" at the time, but the two, now juniors, "have been best friends ever since."

Late Friday night, Nicole was texting Jeffrey because she "was so tired and wasn’t in a good mood."

Just minutes later, at 2 a.m., Jeffrey showed up at her house to give her a hug.

Nicole posted about the hug delivery on Twitter, where thousands thought it was too sweet.

And, of course, a lot of people are shipping it.

Jeffrey love you girl

maybe deadass will be our always

Lord guide this kid out the friendzone

Nicole insists the two are "just friends," but admits there have been some feelings there.

"He’s always just been someone who’s been there for me," she said.

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