A Parkland Survivor Led The March For Our Lives In Singing "Happy Birthday" For One Of Her Classmates Who Was Killed

Nicholas Dworet would have turned 18 on Saturday.

In a powerful moment at the March for Our Lives on Saturday, Parkland survivor Samantha Fuentes led the crowd in singing "Happy Birthday" to her classmate Nicholas Dworet, who was killed in the shooting.

Parkland survivor Samantha Fuentes leads the DC #MarchForOurLives crowd in singing "Happy Birthday" to Nicholas Dworet, who died in the shooting. He would have been 18 today. https://t.co/6muHItTifd

"Today is March 24, March for Our Lives, but it is also the birthday of Nick Dworet, someone that was senselessly murdered in front of me," Fuentes said.

Dworet would have turned 18 on Saturday.

Earlier in her speech, Fuentes recited a poem she had written about the shooting. Midway through, she vomited on stage, and still managed to finish reading it.

"I just threw up on international television and it feels great!" Fuentes said with a laugh.

Fuentes was shot and injured during the attack on her school last month, and has been active in the fight for gun control ever since.

I’m a real person who faced a horrid tragedy. I am not a fraud or a crisis actor. I will scream my message until my lungs give out. I will not silenced from your false accusations, I am a proud Stoneman Douglas Student and no one will tell me different. #NeverAgain https://t.co/f5Mn6TwO6Z

Across social media, many people have joined Fuentes in wishing Dworet a happy birthday.

Happy 18th birthday to Nicholas Dworet, the boy who never failed to put a smile on my face or any of those around him. Today, #IWillMarch for you and all those affected by gun violence. Forever https://t.co/VlRaS9opJo

Today would have been Nick Dworet’s 18th birthday. Today, we honor him and the other 16 who will never celebrate birthdays again. #MarchforOurLives

Many dedicated the March for Our Lives to his memory.

Happy birthday, Nick Dworet. Everyday we miss you. Today we march for you. #MarchForOurLives

Happy Birthday Nick Dworet. You should be celebrating your 18th birthday right now. One of the reasons I march is for you ❤️❤️❤️ #MarchForOurLives

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