This Legal Analysis Of "The Little Mermaid" Is Kind Of Amazing

"The world could actually use more underwater courtroom dramas."

Remember in The Little Mermaid when Ariel signs Ursula's contract, trading her voice for legs so she can pursue her ~one true love~ she's met literally once?

Someone finally gave that contract the legal analysis it was long overdue for, and has deemed that Ariel was well within her rights to have it annulled.

one of the cutest/saddest things I ever did was write out the legal ways Ariel could have annulled her contract wit…

Shon Faye, the London-based comic and writer who wrote the analysis, told BuzzFeed News she went to law school and is fully qualified to practice commercial law.

Faye spent about 45 minutes writing out the argument, and DANG it is in depth.

People were pretty blown away by the contract law masterpiece.

Before you agree Contractually Darling it's better To have someone check the Legality!

Quality legal analysis. This is why hiring a good lawyer is important before going into major deals.

THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER READ ON THE INTERNET where "ever" is a hyperbolic statement of enthusiasm & not…

A LOT of people want this case taken to the big screen for the "underwater courtroom drama" it deserves.

The world could actually use more underwater courtroom dramas.

Well this is a screenplay waiting to happen

And, of course, the legal nerds of the internet are taking the argument even further.

This is assuming undersea justice works similarly to surface justice. It also ignores the fact that the contract wa…

Wait a minute here,isn't Ursula banned from the country (or monarchy)? Making her deals legal by another source?

This is great and all, but... based on which set of laws? Triton's laws? Eric's kingdom laws?

Faye said lawyers around the world have actually told her they're really impressed with the analysis.

"Wish the partners at my old firm could see me now!" she said.