Puppets Somehow Got Dragged Into The Debate Because 2016 Isn't Even Real

"We are all the puppet."

At the final presidential debate on Wednesday, things got heated when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both accused each other of being "puppets."

People immediately rushed to the defense of puppets, who were for some reason dragged into this dumpster fire of a debate.

“You’re a puppet!” “NO, YOU’RE A PUPPET!”

“We would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.” Puppet Spokesperson #debatenight

Seriously, what is even happening anymore???

I haven't heard "You're a puppet!" screamed so much since I had sex with Pinocchio and was shocked he was a real MAN

"No, you're the puppet!" This episode of Sesame Street After Hours is brought to you by Pepe the Frog and voters like you.

Please SNL - we want a sock puppet debate this weekend, please.

"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on." - JFK "No puppet no puppet you're the puppet." - DJT

2016 honestly has no chill.

I've finally found a puppet I hate more than ALF

YOU'RE A PUPPET NO YOU'RE A PUPPET YOU'RE A PUPPET NO YOU'RE A PUPPET ::they take off masks, they're both puppets:: ::everything burns::

Current state of the "You're the puppet" #debatenight

20 days, y'all.