Jews Are Sharing Sadness And Solidarity Over A Trump Presidency

"I've never felt more Jewish and less American."

Jews are sharing messages of fear, sadness, and solidarity, both with one another and with other groups, in wake of Trump winning the election.

I've never felt more Jewish and less American

This is so horrifying on such an incredible, unprecedented scale. I'm Jewish. This is now a legitimate threat to my continued safety.

Some have remarked that they've "never been afraid to be Jewish in America until now."

I have never been afraid to be Jewish in America until now. I'm speechless.

And many are comparing the feeling to how they imagined it felt for Jews right before the Holocaust.

I'd imagine that this is how the Jews felt when Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party won Germany's 1933 election.

When I was writing the Holocaust chapter of NeuroTribes, I'd ask myself, "When did the Jews realize it was too late?" I feel like that now.

For Jewish people, hate is one of the most terrifying things out there. And as a Jewish person, I am so scared.

They've vowed to stand with Muslims during these times.

To my Muslim friends rightly terrified right now: US Jews have your back, at least until a President Trump deports all of us as well.

And people aren't just afraid as Jews. They're afraid as Hispanic Jews.

I am Jewish and Hispanic. Proud of both. I am also profoundly disappointed in this country.

And gay Jewish women.

as a gay jewish woman, no matter what the outcome is, I realize now i'm not welcome in ~half the country I live in. you could say im sad

And children of immigrants.

As a woman and a Jewish person and a daughter of an immigrant I am absolutely terrified for my future right now.

And low-income, disabled Jews.

Speaking as a poor, disabled Jewish woman, I'm fucking terrified right now

And Middle Eastern Jews.

as a middle eastern jewish woman, I'm absolutely terrified of a trump presidency & have not stopped crying & probably never will

Some have brought up moving to Israel or Canada, but have vowed to "stay and fight" for America.

My inclination is to stay and fight, knowing Israel is there if we need it. America is worth fighting for.

As a Jewish woman, I am terrified of a Trump presidency. Check your privilege before you say you'll "move to Canada." Stay & help.

Through it all, Jews are dealing with it the way they always have: with humor, hope, and resilience.

Jews celebrate when glass breaks. We eat cookies shaped like the hat of our would-be murderer. We’re gonna get through this.

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