Melissa McCarthy As Sean Spicer Performs "I Feel Pretty" In An SNL Teaser

She feels Spicey.

Melissa McCarthy returns to Saturday Night Live this weekend as host, and based on a teaser released Wednesday, it seems she's reprising her role as a certain White House press secretary.

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That's right, McCarthy as Sean Spicer is BACK.

McCarthy starts out dancing and twirling about the studio halls to the tune of "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story.

Then, she sits down in hair and makeup, all ready to get pretty and witty and bright.

Before reemerging in all her Spicey glory.

All ready for another press briefing.

People can hardly wait another minute.

Oh this is going to be so good!😉

Cannot wait.


*rubs hands together in glee*

Come faster, Saturday!

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