This Plus-Size Model Clapped Back At A Man Who Turned Her Photo Into A Sexist Meme

"I can be fat and still be out of your league."

This is Lesego Legobane, aka "ThickLeeYonce," a 24-year-old plus-size model, blogger, photographer, and body-positive activist living in South Africa.

On Tuesday, a popular South African Twitter user Leyton Mokgerepi turned her photo into a body-shaming meme.

In just four words, Legobane issued one of the most perfect burns of our time.

I don't like you

The tweet went massively viral. Celebrities including Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Ava Duvernay faved it, and Legobane quickly gained thousands of followers.

People are already nominating it for "best clapback of 2017."

This might be the best clapback of 2017.

This dude made a fool of himself with a weak attempt to use a beautiful💃woman in a sexist meme. Guess what, she not…

i would like to report a murder

And people are just straight-up obsessed with Legobane now.

@ciaranpsheridan @ThickLeeyonce @Zoe_Mthiyane

I like you!You're so beautiful!

In the midst of his epic dragging, Mokgerepi tweeted Legobane's photo again — this time calling her "girlfriend goals," in what appeared to be an effort to walk back his original tweet.

It...did not go well.

@imleyton Bwahahaha! Too little too late. Accept yer punishment sir.

@imleyton Haaaaaaaaaaa, you're being dragged to filth and I'm here for all of it.

And what about the other woman in the tweet, you may ask? Oh, she found the tweet. And she, too, was having none of it.

As if the world needed another example of an obnoxious ass' 🙄

The second woman in the tweet, Joëlle Kayembe, told BuzzFeed News she is "super proud" of how Legobane responded — and she did not take her inclusion in the tweet as a compliment.

"It was not a well thought out compliment, if that is what he was trying achieve," Kayembe told BuzzFeed News. "And to use one woman's picture (mine in this case) to body-shame another is just rude and unnecessary!"

Mokgerepi declined to comment.

Legobane said she's been "overwhelmed by the love" and has been getting messages from women saying her body positivity has inspired them to love their own bodies.

And she has one more thing to say to the guy who tweeted her photo.

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